Something For The Weekend

"And I refuse to take it all too seriously
It's such a strange activity
Far too peculiar to be taken any other way"

Something For The Weekend n. 1. a page or two chock-full of information and useless tidbits on the Divine Comedy, probably the world's greatest contemporary popular music act. 2. a song by the Divine Comedy (see 1). [C20: from Latin]


European Tour Dates for the UK, Ireland and France
North American Tour Dates San Francisco and Los Angeles
News new releases, television and radio appearances etc.
Review of the new Divine Comedy mini-album A Short Album About Love
Links Divine Comedy related sites and other stuff
Europop details on how to join the Europop mailing list
Emporium info on the Divine Comedy fanzine, Emporium
Something Lovely In The Woodshed Come insde, my dear...
Neil Hannon's New Year's Resolutions as featured in Vox magazine

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I don't have a lot of time to work on this web site, but I'm planning to include the following attractions in the near future:

In the meantime see Indulgence for discography and lyrics, and please forgive me if anything on this site falls out of date

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Divine Comedy mailing list

If you just want to know about latest releases etc. then this is probably not the mailing list for you. Topics of discussion range from Divine Comedy gig reviews to chocolate and the pros and cons of coathangers.

To subscribe, send the message subscribe europop (or subscribe europop-digest if you'd prefer the digest version) in an e-mail to (in the body of the e-mail, not the subject line). I must warn you that this mailing list is nothing to do with me, and I cannot be held responsible for its erratic behaviour.

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Divine Comedy Fanzine

Issue 2 of Emporium is now available, featuring an interview with Ardal O'Hanlon from Father Ted. To get your copy, send a cheque for 2.50 sterling to:
19 Neath Abbey
Priory Park
Bedford MK41 0RU
[Great Britain]

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Neil Hannon's New Year's Resolutions 1997

  1. Read The Divine Comedy by Dante
  2. Find a place to live that I actually like
  3. Write less songs with animals in the title
  4. Grow five inches -- in height
  5. Get better looking each day
  6. Befriend more pop stars
  7. Remember other people's birthdays, not just my own
  8. Be gracious in defeat when beaten at scrabble by those of a far inferior intellect to myself
  9. Make feeble attempts to learn French and fail like every year
  10. Make my girlfriend happy
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