Something Lovely In The Woodshed

From the press blurb that accompanied the Casanova LP:

Something For The Weekend
Inspired by Kate Beckinsale's lovely face and the idea that if anybody quite that beautiful ever took the slightest bit of interest in me, I'd be forever wondering whether they were simply humouring me or had some more devious intentions hidden up their sleeves. The idea, as the album opener, is that while love is a dangerous game and usually ends in heartbreak, it's usually much more fun to dive in head first!

Kate Beckinsale (that's her in the picture) is one of those rare people who is both utterly beautiful and a highly talented actress. She already has a strong list of film and television credits, including the starring role in the 1994 British television adaptation of Stella Gibbons's classic Romantic parody Cold Comfort Farm as Flora Poste, a town girl who visits her rural cousins and has an adventure.

Up in the attic at Cold Comfort Farm lives the mysterious Aunt Ada, who claims to have suffered a traumatic experience as a child. This turned her into something like a gross cariacature of Miss Haversham from Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. Aunt Ada's catchphrase, which she repeats ad nauseam, is 'I saw something nasty in the woodshed'. So now you know.....

Cold Comfort Farm is a wonderful read. The television version is also highly enjoyable and, for the most part, does the book justice. For more information about Kate Beckinsale, visit The First Unofficial Kate Beckinsale Web Page.